Mud Mask Review!

Hey guys!

Hope you are well! This is a review following up from my Instagram post which you may have seen. If not here’s the full review!

Now im sure a lot of you have seen people selling beauty products from their own pages, and I will be the first to admit sometimes it can be super annoying I get loads of messages asking me to join their business etc etc….

However, a lovely lady approached me and kindly offered to send me a few samples and I of course jumped at the chance to try. I think not even 2 days later I received my little pot which I can only describe as a bloomin miracle in a jar!

The mask itself is full of natural products which gently draw dirt and impurities out of your skin.

Apply a thin layer of the mask across your most problematic areas or you can go all out and do your whole face, totally up to you. I put it across my T Zone and chin and also spread some across my cheeks as my pores there can get very blocked.


The picture speaks for itself! See those little black dots across my nose and on my cheeks? That’s DIRT being drawn out of the skin! Amazing right. I honestly could not believe my eyes I had seen people say you can physically see the dirt come out of your skin but to actually see it for myself was incredible. I didn’t want to take it off I was so fasnicated watching all the impurities being drawn out of my skin.

The best way to remove the mask is with just some warm water, it is so easily removable too which is always helpful. Even though I used quite a thick layer it came off within seconds, no harsh scrubbing or anything just gently wipe it away. I moisturised after using mine that’s just a personal thing I do after using skin products! However my skin felt so refreshed anyway and I could definitely tell my skin felt a little tighter and just all round looked healthier.

I would 100% guarantee trying this if you can lovelies. I only tried a little sample and I am honestly blown away. I will definitely be getting myself a full sized bottle of this wonderous stuff and I already can’t wait to try it again!

If you would like some more information or to purchase one yourself please follow the lovely @sashworth1207 on Instagram and Twitter and she will help you with any enquiries you have!

As always, love from Georgie xxx


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