James Viana Jewellery Review

Hey everyone! Hope you are all well 🙂

Today im talking about something a little different for me, a first for my blog anyway! A beautiful jewellery boutique called James Viana.

James Viana are a London based company with a gorgeous online boutique. They combine 100% Sterling Silver Jewellery with the most beautiful, genuine natural earth mined gemstones to create some truly beautiful pieces. What’s even better is they are on a mission to make every woman “Feel Beautiful”, by giving away 10% of their profits to charities dedicated specifically to women’s causes. Amazing right?!


The wonderful team sent me a truly stunning piece. A 100% sterling silver ring with beautiful ruby gemstones embedded into a beautiful design. Not only that can we take a moment to appreciate that beautiful packaging too? So simple and pretty and I am obsessed with their colour scheme. Absolutely stunning and doesnt take away from the jewellery itself by being over the top. Simple, sleek packaging perfect for this company.


How stunning is this? Totally honest I’m not usually a fan of jewellery but I genuinely love this. It’s so simple yet such a unique design, the ring itself is quite light so it doesn’t weigh down my hand or anything which is a bonus. I usually only wear a ring I was bought by my grandad a long time ago, but this has firmly found its place in my limited collection. It goes so well with other silver pieces  or can be showcased alone, it’s pretty enough to shine bright on its own.

I am really impressed with the design and quality of this ring, it’s a truly stunning piece and I can’t wait to wear it out more and style it along some more pieces.


Not only that, the company itself is truly lovely. Not only do they donate 10% of proceeds to women’s charities, but they are run by some genuinely lovely people and I’ve very much enjoyed working with them. Luckily for you lovelies too, the James Viana team have given me a discount code for you all which will be valid until DECEMBER! So go get those birthday, anniversary and even Christmas presents in! Just use the code JVBO20% to get 20% off you order!

I have linked the website below so you can check it out yourself, be sure to have a look they have some stunning designs!


I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any questions please drop a comment below!

As always, love from Georgie xxx





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