Threads&Co Lashes!

Hey beauties! Hope you are all well.

Today im talking lashes, one of my favourite beauty products. When it comes to lashes I never stick to one brand, I have my favourite of course but I love branching out and trying new brands.

I recieved some beautiful sets of lashes from a lovely company called Threads&Co. I had been following their page on Instagram  for a while and was going to purchase some myself until someone kindly sent me some to try.


The packaging is simple yet has a really bold look with the bright red colour which I love. I recieved the Sex Kitten and Be-Bop lashes which are both really pretty. I then also very unexpectedly received some more styles which was beyond lovely! They were Rock Chic and Red Cherri. I’ve really enjoyed playing with every pair, each set can create such a different look so it’s always fun for me to experiment with new styles.


Here I am wearing Red Cherri lashes. They give such a sexy bold look!

Each lash set comes with a handy lash glue which I also love, it has a little glow to it almost too which is super cute. I wouldn’t say it’s as long lasting as some other glues out there but it is still really good!

Each set is really well made. I was really pleasantly impressed with the quality of each lash set. For £9 each I think they have made them a really really fair price. The quality is very high standard and the styles are so unique. I would happily pay £9 for them anytime, especially when other brands now charge anywhere between £15-30! Crazy!


The Be-Bop lash! Perfect for a more natural look!

I found i had to trim the lashes to fit my eye but I have to do that with pretty much every lash I use because I have quite small eyes, length ways anyway. There’s nothing wrong with trimming down your lashes just be careful with certain styles to not ruin the effect it’ll give, I usually trim around 1 inch off the ends and I tend to do it from the bottom end not the inner corner.

Even with the thicker lash like Red Cherri, they are super weightless. Which I love! Especially as a contact lens wearer it’s so nice to have something light on the eye and nothing that will interfere with your lenses, so these are perfect!



The Sex Kitten lash! Really unique bold style, perfect for a more glam look!

I am honestly so impressed all round with ThreadsBeautyCo lash range. Red Cherri have firmly stolen a place in my favourites and I can’t wait to experiment with more of their range!

Be sure to check their website out for more fab lashes and follow their social media for updates.

Really hope you like lovelies, would love to hear some of your favourite lash brands!

As always, Love from Georgie xxx


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