B Beauty Limited Face Mask Review!

Hey my beauties I hope you are all doing well and having a good week.

Today I’m going to be showing you some lovely face masks from a lovely company called B Beauty LThey sent me a pretty little package with 3 different masks in to try, and a lovely little note instead with instructions, so cute!



Here you can see I was sent the Cucumber essence mask, the Argan oil moisturising mask and the tightening Snail essence mask.

I’ll start with the Snail essence mask as I’m guessing a few of you are thinking what?! I had heard of snail essence masks before and had always wanted to try them as I had seen some good reviews. The aim of the mask is to tighten, prevent or repair anti ageing and also provide the skin with a hit of nutrients. I have to say I was wary of this mask thinking all sorts like is it slimey, how does it smell?! But honestly it’s like any other facial mask and it smells really lovely like a light floral fragrance. With all the masks you should clean your face beforehand just with either a cleanser or make up wipes and remove any make up or product you have on. Once your face is clean and dry you can place the mask on your face and get comfortable for around 20-30mins! All done? So carefully remove the mask, any excess left on your face you can gently rub into your skin for extra absorption, no need for waste! I tend to give my face a gentle wipe with a flannel after too just for a fresher feeling but I do this well after to ensure the product has absorbed!

The result? I am so happy with how my face felt afterwards. It felt tighter and fresher. I don’t really need the anti ageing element right now so that wasn’t a factor for me but I can definitely feel a difference with how tight my skin feels. I would definitely recommended this one if you want a firmer, tighter feel.


I I haven’t got round to testing the cucumber mask yet but I had a little  pamper session last night and used the Argan oil mask. Now this one I love love love. Again do the same routine cleanse your face and allow to dry before applying the mask. Leave for between 20-30 minutes. This mask has a lot more moisture of course as it’s a moisturising mask, so once removed be sure to massage in the remaining product to ensure full absorption. My skin felt so amazing after this, i suffer mainly from dry skin so this was a real winner for me. My skin felt really soft and smooth after and still today my skin feels moisturised and really good. This is definitely my favourite so far and I will 100% use this again.

If you are thinking of trying any face masks out but aren’t sure if they are suitable for your skin please make sure you do a test at least 24 hours before hand, you can do this by getting a small amount of the product and placing it just on your under arm. If you have no reaction there it should be fine for you to use on your face. ALL masks from BBeautyLimited contain Aloe Vera which helps soothe and prevent inflammation to the skin.

You can find even more facial masks over at their website, I’m getting my hands on a lemon and a coconut one next I’m definitely a little obsessed! And best part? They are only £2.49 right now, amazing!

Here’s the link to take a look for yourselves, please let me know in the comments how you get on if you try them or if you can recommend any others you love!


As always, love from Georgie xxx






4 thoughts on “B Beauty Limited Face Mask Review!

  1. lydiaxnicole says:

    I just left my comment for this post on the wrong post… oopsie!
    My skin has got super dry recently so I think I’m in need of the argon oil mask, and for that price, how can I say no?!
    Great post lovely! xxx


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