Sunkissed Tan Review

imageHey everyone! It’s been a little while since my last post due to being a busy bee for a change! But I hope you are all well as always!

Today im back with a first for me, a fake tan review, yay!

I was kindly gifted a lovely package from the brand Sunkissed. Some of you may have heard of this brand before or even used some of their products, but if you haven’t here’s a little review of one of their amazing tanning products!

I was kindly gifted a bottle of their Tanning Mousse in the shade medium. When it comes to having a tan I love being as tanned as possible but with fake tan I don’t like the overly fake look so I went for the medium shade.

The foam itself goes on super smooth and is so light on the skin the only way I can describe it is like putting tanned air bubbles on to your skin & I love it! It blends so easily because the product is so light it just glides onto the skin streak free. What really impressed me too is that it didn’t stick to my dry skin, it actually helps to nourish my skin as the tan developed which to me is amazing! I really expect these sort of products to dry out my skin bu this didn’t at all.



The mitt they provided me with was the perfect applicator. It’s really soft on the outside but still has enough grip on the inside so you can get that perfect streak free finish!

One thing I never liked about fake tan was the smell. This was a game changer for me it’s the first tan I’ve used that smells seriously amazing! It has a gorgeous tropical  smell but not overpowering at all which is great.



Before & after with just one light layer! 

Overall the tan lasts really well too. I was surprised how long it actually lasted and still looked really natural too. For someone who never loved fake tan, I am seriously impressed and will for sure be using this again. And the best part is it’s not expensive like a lot tanning products are now days!

Sunkissed products can be found directly from their website & in most superdrug stores too, be sure to check them out!


Technic Cosmetics Goodies!

Hey everyone! Hope you are all well and enjoying the warmer weather, finally!

Sorry it’s been a little while since my last post, but I’m back and so excited for this post.

If you’ve followed my blog for a while (thank you my loves) you may have seen I did a review on a lovely make up brand called Technic Cosmetics. I absolutely love their products, they are a genuine favourite of mine. Recently the lovely team over at Technic sent me some new products to try and review for you all.

So here’s a little review of some of them for you lovelies 🙂


Just look at all that gorgeousness! So first up I’m going to talk about the Strobe FX Cream. When I posted this picture on my Instagram so many lovelies commented on this asking more about it. And it was also the first thing I grabbed from the package, I live for a good glow! So I could not wait to test this out, when I did I was not disappointed! Even just swatching a little drop on my hand gave the most beautiful glow, definitely was a little ‘yaaaaaas’ moment from me. I was sent two shades, Sunkissed and the new Caribbean Sunset. They both have such a gorgeous creamy texture, sounds obvious but they really do, plus they don’t dry sticky, clump or disappear into your base which I’ve found some can do.


Even though both are so gorgeous favourite has to be Caribbean Sunset. It has such a gorgeous bronze tone to it perfect for that beached bronzed look for summer! I love how easily it blends and the texture is so lightweight on the skin. It gives the most gorgeous glow without being too glittery which is just gorgeous. If you love a good glow definitely try this ladies.

Next up brows! If you know me you know I love a good brow product and experimenting with new ones. I got a total of 3 new brow products to try which is like Christmas for me, I had a field day with all of them it was so much fun. Sometimes I struggle with shade matching my brows but luckily all of the products are just right for me.


I received the Brow Pen, the Brow Pow and Brow Boost. Literally brow heaven right?! Each product is fab on its own but using all 3 can create a really stunning brow. I started off using the Brow Pen to outline the shape I want, this one is also fab for creating natural hair like strokes. I then went in with the Brow Pow which is an amazing little find. It has a soft powder with applicator on one end and a spoolie on the other end which is super handy for blending out the powder as you go. I have never seen a powder product in pencil form before so this was mind blowing for me! Last up is the Brow Boost, this is perfect for creating clean lines to get that desired shape. I used it to fill in my brow a little more for a darker look and it works so well. The best part? It has a conceal/highlight on the other end. So perfect and the shade is just right it’s just light enough to highlight the brow bone and clean up any mishaps. This will be so perfect to take on the go in my make up bag, to save room and now no need to carry a concealer to clean up my brows, yay. The highlight pencil is so easy to apply it glides on so smoothly and is super easy to blend! I am so so impressed with this one especially it’s definitely my favourite from the 3.


Last but definitely not least is my new obsession. The Juicy Sticks. I cannot express how amazing these are. They glide on smoother than probably anything I’ve ever used on my lips. I tend to go for matte lipsticks usually but this has swayed me. It is so nourishing on the lips it almost feels like a lip balm, my lips felt amazing even after removal. And the smell, Ahhh! This one smells like watermelon I think I sat and smelt it for a good few minutes before applying (sad I know lol) it’s amazing! Honestly I’m going to get myself some more in different colours as they have really impressed me. They are so easy to apply and an amazing factor I noticed, it doesn’t bleed onto your skin it stays put for a long while, but it’s still just as easy to remove with no lip stains.

I really hope you enjoyed my review lovelies! Technic have a brand new website coming very soon so be sure to keep an eye out for that. Until then you can find their products at all at some truly amazing value prices. Go grab yourselves a beauty bargain lovelies and do let me know how you get on with any bits you get 🙂

Thanks for reading and as always, love from Georgie xxx


Mud Mask Review!

Hey guys!

Hope you are well! This is a review following up from my Instagram post which you may have seen. If not here’s the full review!

Now im sure a lot of you have seen people selling beauty products from their own pages, and I will be the first to admit sometimes it can be super annoying I get loads of messages asking me to join their business etc etc….

However, a lovely lady approached me and kindly offered to send me a few samples and I of course jumped at the chance to try. I think not even 2 days later I received my little pot which I can only describe as a bloomin miracle in a jar!

The mask itself is full of natural products which gently draw dirt and impurities out of your skin.

Apply a thin layer of the mask across your most problematic areas or you can go all out and do your whole face, totally up to you. I put it across my T Zone and chin and also spread some across my cheeks as my pores there can get very blocked.


The picture speaks for itself! See those little black dots across my nose and on my cheeks? That’s DIRT being drawn out of the skin! Amazing right. I honestly could not believe my eyes I had seen people say you can physically see the dirt come out of your skin but to actually see it for myself was incredible. I didn’t want to take it off I was so fasnicated watching all the impurities being drawn out of my skin.

The best way to remove the mask is with just some warm water, it is so easily removable too which is always helpful. Even though I used quite a thick layer it came off within seconds, no harsh scrubbing or anything just gently wipe it away. I moisturised after using mine that’s just a personal thing I do after using skin products! However my skin felt so refreshed anyway and I could definitely tell my skin felt a little tighter and just all round looked healthier.

I would 100% guarantee trying this if you can lovelies. I only tried a little sample and I am honestly blown away. I will definitely be getting myself a full sized bottle of this wonderous stuff and I already can’t wait to try it again!

If you would like some more information or to purchase one yourself please follow the lovely @sashworth1207 on Instagram and Twitter and she will help you with any enquiries you have!

As always, love from Georgie xxx

James Viana Jewellery Review

Hey everyone! Hope you are all well 🙂

Today im talking about something a little different for me, a first for my blog anyway! A beautiful jewellery boutique called James Viana.

James Viana are a London based company with a gorgeous online boutique. They combine 100% Sterling Silver Jewellery with the most beautiful, genuine natural earth mined gemstones to create some truly beautiful pieces. What’s even better is they are on a mission to make every woman “Feel Beautiful”, by giving away 10% of their profits to charities dedicated specifically to women’s causes. Amazing right?!


The wonderful team sent me a truly stunning piece. A 100% sterling silver ring with beautiful ruby gemstones embedded into a beautiful design. Not only that can we take a moment to appreciate that beautiful packaging too? So simple and pretty and I am obsessed with their colour scheme. Absolutely stunning and doesnt take away from the jewellery itself by being over the top. Simple, sleek packaging perfect for this company.


How stunning is this? Totally honest I’m not usually a fan of jewellery but I genuinely love this. It’s so simple yet such a unique design, the ring itself is quite light so it doesn’t weigh down my hand or anything which is a bonus. I usually only wear a ring I was bought by my grandad a long time ago, but this has firmly found its place in my limited collection. It goes so well with other silver pieces  or can be showcased alone, it’s pretty enough to shine bright on its own.

I am really impressed with the design and quality of this ring, it’s a truly stunning piece and I can’t wait to wear it out more and style it along some more pieces.


Not only that, the company itself is truly lovely. Not only do they donate 10% of proceeds to women’s charities, but they are run by some genuinely lovely people and I’ve very much enjoyed working with them. Luckily for you lovelies too, the James Viana team have given me a discount code for you all which will be valid until DECEMBER! So go get those birthday, anniversary and even Christmas presents in! Just use the code JVBO20% to get 20% off you order!

I have linked the website below so you can check it out yourself, be sure to have a look they have some stunning designs!

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any questions please drop a comment below!

As always, love from Georgie xxx




Threads&Co Lashes!

Hey beauties! Hope you are all well.

Today im talking lashes, one of my favourite beauty products. When it comes to lashes I never stick to one brand, I have my favourite of course but I love branching out and trying new brands.

I recieved some beautiful sets of lashes from a lovely company called Threads&Co. I had been following their page on Instagram  for a while and was going to purchase some myself until someone kindly sent me some to try.


The packaging is simple yet has a really bold look with the bright red colour which I love. I recieved the Sex Kitten and Be-Bop lashes which are both really pretty. I then also very unexpectedly received some more styles which was beyond lovely! They were Rock Chic and Red Cherri. I’ve really enjoyed playing with every pair, each set can create such a different look so it’s always fun for me to experiment with new styles.


Here I am wearing Red Cherri lashes. They give such a sexy bold look!

Each lash set comes with a handy lash glue which I also love, it has a little glow to it almost too which is super cute. I wouldn’t say it’s as long lasting as some other glues out there but it is still really good!

Each set is really well made. I was really pleasantly impressed with the quality of each lash set. For £9 each I think they have made them a really really fair price. The quality is very high standard and the styles are so unique. I would happily pay £9 for them anytime, especially when other brands now charge anywhere between £15-30! Crazy!


The Be-Bop lash! Perfect for a more natural look!

I found i had to trim the lashes to fit my eye but I have to do that with pretty much every lash I use because I have quite small eyes, length ways anyway. There’s nothing wrong with trimming down your lashes just be careful with certain styles to not ruin the effect it’ll give, I usually trim around 1 inch off the ends and I tend to do it from the bottom end not the inner corner.

Even with the thicker lash like Red Cherri, they are super weightless. Which I love! Especially as a contact lens wearer it’s so nice to have something light on the eye and nothing that will interfere with your lenses, so these are perfect!



The Sex Kitten lash! Really unique bold style, perfect for a more glam look!

I am honestly so impressed all round with ThreadsBeautyCo lash range. Red Cherri have firmly stolen a place in my favourites and I can’t wait to experiment with more of their range!

Be sure to check their website out for more fab lashes and follow their social media for updates.

Really hope you like lovelies, would love to hear some of your favourite lash brands!

As always, Love from Georgie xxx

B Beauty Limited Face Mask Review!

Hey my beauties I hope you are all doing well and having a good week.

Today I’m going to be showing you some lovely face masks from a lovely company called B Beauty LThey sent me a pretty little package with 3 different masks in to try, and a lovely little note instead with instructions, so cute!



Here you can see I was sent the Cucumber essence mask, the Argan oil moisturising mask and the tightening Snail essence mask.

I’ll start with the Snail essence mask as I’m guessing a few of you are thinking what?! I had heard of snail essence masks before and had always wanted to try them as I had seen some good reviews. The aim of the mask is to tighten, prevent or repair anti ageing and also provide the skin with a hit of nutrients. I have to say I was wary of this mask thinking all sorts like is it slimey, how does it smell?! But honestly it’s like any other facial mask and it smells really lovely like a light floral fragrance. With all the masks you should clean your face beforehand just with either a cleanser or make up wipes and remove any make up or product you have on. Once your face is clean and dry you can place the mask on your face and get comfortable for around 20-30mins! All done? So carefully remove the mask, any excess left on your face you can gently rub into your skin for extra absorption, no need for waste! I tend to give my face a gentle wipe with a flannel after too just for a fresher feeling but I do this well after to ensure the product has absorbed!

The result? I am so happy with how my face felt afterwards. It felt tighter and fresher. I don’t really need the anti ageing element right now so that wasn’t a factor for me but I can definitely feel a difference with how tight my skin feels. I would definitely recommended this one if you want a firmer, tighter feel.


I I haven’t got round to testing the cucumber mask yet but I had a little  pamper session last night and used the Argan oil mask. Now this one I love love love. Again do the same routine cleanse your face and allow to dry before applying the mask. Leave for between 20-30 minutes. This mask has a lot more moisture of course as it’s a moisturising mask, so once removed be sure to massage in the remaining product to ensure full absorption. My skin felt so amazing after this, i suffer mainly from dry skin so this was a real winner for me. My skin felt really soft and smooth after and still today my skin feels moisturised and really good. This is definitely my favourite so far and I will 100% use this again.

If you are thinking of trying any face masks out but aren’t sure if they are suitable for your skin please make sure you do a test at least 24 hours before hand, you can do this by getting a small amount of the product and placing it just on your under arm. If you have no reaction there it should be fine for you to use on your face. ALL masks from BBeautyLimited contain Aloe Vera which helps soothe and prevent inflammation to the skin.

You can find even more facial masks over at their website, I’m getting my hands on a lemon and a coconut one next I’m definitely a little obsessed! And best part? They are only £2.49 right now, amazing!

Here’s the link to take a look for yourselves, please let me know in the comments how you get on if you try them or if you can recommend any others you love!

As always, love from Georgie xxx