Window to The Womb Watford Scan Experience

Hey lovelies. Hope you are all well 🙂

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Hey lovelies. Hope you are all well 🙂

Today’s post is something totally different but really exciting for me to write about. If you follow me you may have seen that I announced I am expecting a little one in January, yay! Thank you to everyone who sent me messages of congratulations! Today I’m going to be talking to you about my scan experience with Window to The Womb.

This is my first baby so the whole pregnancy thing is totally new to me. Like any first time mum I’m just learning as I go and trying to do the best I can for me and baby. It can be quite overwhelming at first especially when you don’t know what to expect. I didn’t realise providing all is okay with your pregnancy you only have 2 NHS scans during the 40 weeks, which to me doesn’t seem like a lot at all and it made me quite nervous. I knew I wanted to have more scans just for peace of mind as it is my first child I just wanted that added reassurance that everything is going okay. I had a few friends recommend places they went but I did some research on private clinics as it’s best to go with what YOU feel personally comfortable with. I found a place called Window to The Womb which immediately caught my eye. The website is really professional and so easy to navigate.

Window to the Womb offer well being scan packages as well as early gender confirmation. For me I was just looking for reassurance so the well being scan package was perfect for me. Booking was really simple you can book online which took me literally all of about 5 minutes. You have to pay a small deposit and then the outstanding balance on the day of your scan. I chose the basic well being & gender confirmation package which was £59. I think this is an amazing price. My local hospital offered private scans starting at £100 so really it was a bargain!

They have over 30 clinics nationwide all offering amazing scan experiences. I went to my local clinic in Hertfordshire which is based in Watford. Arriving on the day the clinic was really easy to find (map and instructions on the confirmation email was really handy). The clinic itself was lovely, really relaxed atmosphere no busy hospital waiting rooms with long delays. The staff immediately made me feel at ease and were so welcoming. They sit with you beforehand and go over how your appointment works which was really nice. Felt a lot more personal rather than just being called into another room when it’s time for your appointment.


Window to The Womb – Watford

So once I had been given all the information I needed I was called in for my scan by another lovely lady who took me to the room to have my scan. Immediately I was so relaxed, the room is more like a hotel room than a hospital it was amazing. So relaxing with mood music in the background, stylish comfy sofas for family members to relax on and ambient lighting to set the mood. I felt so comfortable I seriously could’ve stayed in there all day! The scan itself wasn’t very long but I knew that going into it. I was told it would be around 5 minutes in length which doesn’t sound like a long time but it was a really detailed, insightful  scan. The sonography was very friendly and chatty. He talked me through the whole thing in detail which was amazing. I got to see my baby in 4D for a minute too which was so surreal. For a short scan it was incredibly detailed and so worth it. I got to see my baby in more than one way and got to hear it’s little heartbeat for the first time which was unexpected but so incredible. Nothing was too much trouble, even though I had a gender check in my scan I didn’t personally want to know the sex as I am having a little reveal party in a few weeks. This was no trouble for anyone at the clinic they all did such an amazing job at keeping it a secret for me and instead passing it on to my sister who came with me on the day.


One of my scan pictures ❤️

After the scan you get to sit down in a seperate area and chose which pictures you’d like from a computer. This to me was a really lovely touch, I actually got to sit down and go through loads of pictures to pick my favourites and have them printed. With the basic well-being scan package you get 4 pictures included so it’s a really lovely personal touch to be able to pick them all yourself. They even left out the ones that could reveal the gender for me but have since sent me a code for me to download them another time, amazing!

After I had picked my pictures (which were all really clear too it was so hard to pick just 4!) the lovely lady asked if I was happy to leave a mini review on their Facebook page which I was more than happy to do as I was so happy with my experience anyway. Because I left a review there and then they gave me an extra scan picture for free, and also I got a little free gift to take home which turned out to be a super cute baby journal book, a baby bottle with a dummy inside, so sweet! Honestly I was so overwhelmed with the service I could not have asked for more.



Lovely free gift!

Everything was such high quality it really did blow my mind. From the warm, welcoming staff, highly detailed scan to the relaxing environment it was just a really amazing experience all round and I could not recommend it anymore. For anyone expecting and looking for a nice scan experience I would definitely recommend using Window to The Womb. I only have my NHS 20 week scan to go now and I know for a fact I will DEFINITELY be booking another scan after just for some reassurance and to have another look at my baby. It’s so worth it and I’m so glad I found such an amazing place to have this experience.

I’ve linked the website below for all the information you need to check it out for yourself and book your own appointment, but if you have any questions please drop a comment and ask away!

Thanks so much for reading and as always,

Love from Georgie xxx






Get creative with Case App!

Hey loves. Hope you are all well and have been enjoying the sunshine (or coping with it at least lol).

This post is a first for my blog, something a bit different to my usual beauty posts. I’m actually really excited to be branching out into new categories and working with different brands. Even though beauty is really what I love, its so interesting learning about different things. And this in particular was a really exiting collaboration for me.

So I was approached by a lovely company called CaseApp. They specialise in creating phone cases and skins perfect for personalising your devices. They fit most models of phone, laptop and also iPods!

Now I’ve always been quite basic with my phone cases so this was really exciting for me (I need to get out more I know).  I got to chose 2 case designs for my review which was so exciting. But once I got onto the website I knew it wouldn’t be so easy to chose as there as so many pretty designs. Not only that but you can create your own designs too, or edit existing ones to personalise them just how you want it, amazing!


Me being me I went for something quite simple and sleek that I could easily switch between. I chose a cute block colour/marble case and then added my initials to one of them just for some personalistion. And the process of personalising is super easy, I’m not the most creative person in the world but it was really simple to create my case. All the options to make it your own are so easily accessible, plus there are so many options to get really creative. You can add a picture or even create a whole collage of pictures! Add any text you want or take advantage of their existing quotes option!

You can also chose between tougher skins or a regular case. I went for the tough case just for the added protection (clumsy like that) and its really sturdy! Having the iPhone 8 which is all glass I had to have some extra protection so this case was perfect for me. But there are all sorts of options to make it just right for you. You can also chose wether you want the finish to be matte or glossy.  So many options to get your case exactly how you want it!       The prices themselves range between around £19-£22 depending wether you want the tough case or not but I would definitely recommend spending a little more for that extra protection! The cases themself are such good quality and so durable. I tend to get butter fingers and drop my phone often but this case has been amazing not a single dent or scratch in sight.

I would 100% recommend CaseApp to anyone. They create amazing products for a really great price so be sure to go check them out for your phone cases, laptop skins and more. And a little added bonus you can use my discount code GEORGIEE20 for your order, YAY! Check them out over at


I was very kindly gifted the products mentioned in today’s post but that won’t bear any reflection on my opinion, as always honesty first! I am genuinely impressed with the quality of this product and have used them since I received them and will continue to.


Thanks for reading lovelies!

As always, love from Georgie xxx



Get that glow with GWA ✨

Hey loves. Hope you are all having a good week and enjoying the sunshine 🙂

Thank you for sticking with me even though I’ve not been active for a while, but I’m back and have some of my favourite products to share with you all, yay! I’ll be starting off with some gorgeous liquid illuminating drops from Girls With Attitude.

We all know highlighters have become one of the top beauty products over the last few years and I myself have come obsessed with getting that killer glow. Today ive got some beautiful highlighters from GWA to talk about, perfect for that summer glow in this sunshine.


If you follow me you’d have seen me rave about Girls With Attitude (GWA) before especially with their incredible range of eyelashes. I’ve been using them for years and I’ve always been impressed with both the quality and value for money.  They’ve now introduced some highlighter drops which already firmly hold a place in my daily make up routine.

There are 2 stunning shades which both create a perfect glow. First up is Rose Glow. This is the darker shade of the 2 and it is SO perfect for that bronzed or dewy beach look. It has such gorgeous bronze and rosey tones to it which I think is the perfect combination to make the colour stand out on the skin, even on darker skin tones. Make that holiday tan stand out with a few drops on the shoulder too, works so well into any part of the skin so you can create that all over body glow no problem!


Rose Glow ✨

The second shade is called Champage Opal and my lorddddd is it pretty. This is a much lighter shade, perfect for lighter to medium skin tones. It really is such a stunning light golden colour with hints of a pearly tone to it which gives that beautiful intense glow. This shade is perfect for highlighting areas like underneath the brow and my favourite just above the top lip to make any lipstick pop that little bit more.


Champagne Opal ✨

One of the best things about this range for me is how unreal the texture is. I myself have quite dry skin so I was afraid they wouldn’t sit well on my skin or wouldn’t blend very well but the consistency is just perfect. Even when blended they are silky smooth and sit on the skin perfectly, super easy to blend too either with your fingers or a beauty blender works fab. Just a few drops is enough for a subtle glow or add a touch more for that BLINDINGGG glow. There are so many ways to use this product it’s amazing how versatile it really is. Definitely try adding a few drops to your favourite moisturiser for that all over body glow or even a couple into your foundation for a more subtle shimmer on the face. The options are endless so get ya glowwww on!

And the price? Bloody BARGAIN LOVES!! They are only £8.99 each which I think is incredible value. Just a couple of drops goes a long way so one bottle will last a while and the quality of the product itself I would happily pay double for.

One of the best things about GWA products for me too is they are totally cruelty free so no harm to any beautiful animals ever with this company, amazing!

So if your a fan of that killer glow or just love that subtle little highlight, I definitely recommend to try the GWA liquid illuminator drops. Amazing value for money and no compromise on the quality! If any of you loves have already tried these drop a comment below and let me know your thoughts or leave some top tips for others on how you create your perfect glow!

Thanks for reading loves I really hope you enjoyed this post, as always love from Georgie xxx




Disclaimer – I was not gifted these products or asked to promote them. I won them in a giveaway and chose to do a post because I genuinely love the product. As always I only ever give my honest opinion 🙂

Argan Cosmetics Review!

Hey guys! Its been quite a while since I said this review was coming, i do apologise lovelies.  A mixture of being both busy, and unfortunately poorly again. But i am back and i am super excited about sharing this post with you all, finally!!

I love trying new beauty products especially when it comes to skin care. If you’ve followed my blog for a while you may have seen me talk about my skincare problems growing up. I suffered with severe allergic reactions and multiple problems with my skin so i could never even wear make up let alone experiment with beauty or skincare products. Now im over that stage, finally and thank god, i can test out all sorts,yay!

I have heard quite a few things about argan oil and argan based products but personally had never actually tried anything so receiving this bundle of goodies from argan cosmetics was beyond exciting. I was kindly gifted the items that will feature in this post but as always that will bear no reflection on my opinions, honesty as always! In the cute little package I received all wrapped up in a pretty red bow, there was 3 Argan oil based products. A small bottle of pure Argan oil, an Argan oil infused soap bar and a larger bottle of Argan oil.


I’m going to start with a few facts about Argan oil itself. I don’t usually talk in detail about the origins of products but I was genuinely fascinated to learn about about both how these products were made and the many benefits from them. And I think you’ll be surprised at some of this too!

There are 2 types of Argan oil which are culinary grade and cosmetic grade, and of course I’ll be talking about cosmetic grade Argan oil. It takes up to 35kg of argan fruit to make just one litre of argan oil and it’s a very labour intensive process. This, along with other factors such as the extremely long time it takes argan trees to mature and the scarcity of the trees in the first place makes argan oil one of the world’s most expensive oils, hence its nickname: Liquid Gold! Cosmetic argan oil is cold pressed by machine (hand operated rather like a medieval printing press). No roasting is required when using a machine press, this stops the oil’s best cosmetic properties being degraded by heat. The oil that is pressed out of the kernels is then filtered (multiple times for high cosmetic grade) to remove the nut residue (that gives culinary grade its distinctive aroma) and dead vegetation. The end result is 100% pure argania spinosa kernel oil (argan oil). The oil is a light golden colour, free from cloudiness and residue and virtually odour free. The process for cosmetic grade is much more time consuming which is why it is more expensive than culinary grade! However the benefits of the cosmetic grade oil are seriously incredible and only this should be used in your beauty routine! So ALWAYS be sure to do your research when it comes to putting things on your skin!

Argan cosmetics only use the highest grade of cosmetic Argan oil in all their products and never use anything else! So now I’ll tell you a little bit about the products I received.


The Soap. This blew my mind. It’s not like a normal soap and do not be put off by the lack of bubbles (I freaked out for a hot minute too) because of the natural products the soap doesn’t lather up like some do. It contains a massive 6ml of Argan oil which is a high amount for a small bar of soap. To make soaps lather up there are artificial ingredients added which Argan cosmetics don’t do. So that’s why it’ll take a little while to lather up compared to other soaps but that’s purely down to the fact that this soap is 100% natural and it’s 100% vegan too! After using the soap in the tub I was so positively surprised at how my skin felt. Usually my skin dries out pretty quickly after being in the bath but I was so impressed at how moisturised my skin felt for a good while after. Using this regularly has made such a difference to the look and feel of my skin and I’m so happy with that. I’ve even stopped using moisturiser after my baths with this because I just don’t need it. Amazing!

Onto the Argan Oil. I received both a small little bottle and a large bottle. Both handy as I can take the small one with me out & about if needed and then keep my bigger bottle at home. I seriously cannot believe the quality of this oil. As you know I’ve suffered with dry and bad skin for most of my life. Now if you have very dry skin like me the oil will absorb very quickly because your skin is crying for that moisture. So the more nourished your skin the less time it’ll take to absorb. You can normally test the difference by putting a little oil on a dryer part of your body usually the heel of your foot will work, and notice how much quicker it absorbs on dry skin.

Both oils can be used in various ways such as a moisturiser, hair conditioner, make up remover, massage oil the list goes on! I’ve been using mine on my skin and the difference is incredible! It really impressed me when I used it under my lipstick as a lip balm almost. It really kept my lips nourished and stopped them from cracking as much with my matte lipstick.


I would without doubt recommend these products and even more so the company. They are run by some seriously lovely people who truly stick to what they believe in which is providing top of the range skincare which is also 100% vegan and cruelty free.

Be sure to check them out loves and keep an eye on my pages as I’ll be hosting a giveaway with some of these goodies very soon. YAY!

As always, love from Georgie xxx



Sunkissed Tan Review

imageHey everyone! It’s been a little while since my last post due to being a busy bee for a change! But I hope you are all well as always!

Today im back with a first for me, a fake tan review, yay!

I was kindly gifted a lovely package from the brand Sunkissed. Some of you may have heard of this brand before or even used some of their products, but if you haven’t here’s a little review of one of their amazing tanning products!

I was kindly gifted a bottle of their Tanning Mousse in the shade medium. When it comes to having a tan I love being as tanned as possible but with fake tan I always prefer a more natural  look so I went for the medium shade.

The foam itself goes on super smooth and is so light on the skin the only way I can describe it is like putting tanned air bubbles on to your skin & I love it! It blends so easily because the product is so light it just glides onto the skin streak free. What really impressed me too is that it didn’t stick to my dry skin, it actually helps to nourish my skin as the tan developed which to me is amazing! I really expect these sort of products to dry out my skin but this didn’t at all.



The mitt they provided me with was the perfect applicator. It’s really soft on the outside but still has enough grip on the inside so you can get that perfect streak free finish!

One thing I never liked about fake tan was the smell. This was a game changer for me it’s the first tan I’ve used that smells seriously amazing! It has a gorgeous tropical  smell but not overpowering at all which is great. And your skin doesn’t end up smelling like biscuits or one of those weird tan smells some other brands can carry. Literally obsessed with the smell of this!



Before & after with just one light layer!

Overall the tan lasts really well too. I was surprised how long it actually lasted and still looked really natural too. For someone who never loved fake tan, I am seriously impressed and will for sure be using this again. And the best part is it’s not expensive like a lot tanning products are now days!

Sunkissed products can be found directly from their website & in most superdrug stores too, be sure to check them out!

Technic Cosmetics Goodies!

Hey everyone! Hope you are all well and enjoying the warmer weather, finally!

Sorry it’s been a little while since my last post, but I’m back and so excited for this post.

If you’ve followed my blog for a while (thank you my loves) you may have seen I did a review on a lovely make up brand called Technic Cosmetics. I absolutely love their products, they are a genuine favourite of mine. Recently the lovely team over at Technic sent me some new products to try and review for you all.

So here’s a little review of some of them for you lovelies 🙂


Just look at all that gorgeousness! So first up I’m going to talk about the Strobe FX Cream. When I posted this picture on my Instagram so many lovelies commented on this asking more about it. And it was also the first thing I grabbed from the package, I live for a good glow! So I could not wait to test this out, when I did I was not disappointed! Even just swatching a little drop on my hand gave the most beautiful glow, definitely was a little ‘yaaaaaas’ moment from me. I was sent two shades, Sunkissed and the new Caribbean Sunset. They both have such a gorgeous creamy texture, sounds obvious but they really do, plus they don’t dry sticky, clump or disappear into your base which I’ve found some can do.


Even though both are so gorgeous favourite has to be Caribbean Sunset. It has such a gorgeous bronze tone to it perfect for that beached bronzed look for summer! I love how easily it blends and the texture is so lightweight on the skin. It gives the most gorgeous glow without being too glittery which is just gorgeous. If you love a good glow definitely try this ladies.

Next up brows! If you know me you know I love a good brow product and experimenting with new ones. I got a total of 3 new brow products to try which is like Christmas for me, I had a field day with all of them it was so much fun. Sometimes I struggle with shade matching my brows but luckily all of the products are just right for me.


I received the Brow Pen, the Brow Pow and Brow Boost. Literally brow heaven right?! Each product is fab on its own but using all 3 can create a really stunning brow. I started off using the Brow Pen to outline the shape I want, this one is also fab for creating natural hair like strokes. I then went in with the Brow Pow which is an amazing little find. It has a soft powder with applicator on one end and a spoolie on the other end which is super handy for blending out the powder as you go. I have never seen a powder product in pencil form before so this was mind blowing for me! Last up is the Brow Boost, this is perfect for creating clean lines to get that desired shape. I used it to fill in my brow a little more for a darker look and it works so well. The best part? It has a conceal/highlight on the other end. So perfect and the shade is just right it’s just light enough to highlight the brow bone and clean up any mishaps. This will be so perfect to take on the go in my make up bag, to save room and now no need to carry a concealer to clean up my brows, yay. The highlight pencil is so easy to apply it glides on so smoothly and is super easy to blend! I am so so impressed with this one especially it’s definitely my favourite from the 3.


Last but definitely not least is my new obsession. The Juicy Sticks. I cannot express how amazing these are. They glide on smoother than probably anything I’ve ever used on my lips. I tend to go for matte lipsticks usually but this has swayed me. It is so nourishing on the lips it almost feels like a lip balm, my lips felt amazing even after removal. And the smell, Ahhh! This one smells like watermelon I think I sat and smelt it for a good few minutes before applying (sad I know lol) it’s amazing! Honestly I’m going to get myself some more in different colours as they have really impressed me. They are so easy to apply and an amazing factor I noticed, it doesn’t bleed onto your skin it stays put for a long while, but it’s still just as easy to remove with no lip stains.

I really hope you enjoyed my review lovelies! Technic have a brand new website coming very soon so be sure to keep an eye out for that. Until then you can find their products at all at some truly amazing value prices. Go grab yourselves a beauty bargain lovelies and do let me know how you get on with any bits you get 🙂

Thanks for reading and as always, love from Georgie xxx


Mud Mask Review!

Hey guys!

Hope you are well! This is a review following up from my Instagram post which you may have seen. If not here’s the full review!

Now im sure a lot of you have seen people selling beauty products from their own pages, and I will be the first to admit sometimes it can be super annoying I get loads of messages asking me to join their business etc etc….

However, a lovely lady approached me and kindly offered to send me a few samples and I of course jumped at the chance to try. I think not even 2 days later I received my little pot which I can only describe as a bloomin miracle in a jar!

The mask itself is full of natural products which gently draw dirt and impurities out of your skin.

Apply a thin layer of the mask across your most problematic areas or you can go all out and do your whole face, totally up to you. I put it across my T Zone and chin and also spread some across my cheeks as my pores there can get very blocked.


The picture speaks for itself! See those little black dots across my nose and on my cheeks? That’s DIRT being drawn out of the skin! Amazing right. I honestly could not believe my eyes I had seen people say you can physically see the dirt come out of your skin but to actually see it for myself was incredible. I didn’t want to take it off I was so fasnicated watching all the impurities being drawn out of my skin.

The best way to remove the mask is with just some warm water, it is so easily removable too which is always helpful. Even though I used quite a thick layer it came off within seconds, no harsh scrubbing or anything just gently wipe it away. I moisturised after using mine that’s just a personal thing I do after using skin products! However my skin felt so refreshed anyway and I could definitely tell my skin felt a little tighter and just all round looked healthier.

I would 100% guarantee trying this if you can lovelies. I only tried a little sample and I am honestly blown away. I will definitely be getting myself a full sized bottle of this wonderous stuff and I already can’t wait to try it again!

If you would like some more information or to purchase one yourself please follow the lovely @sashworth1207 on Instagram and Twitter and she will help you with any enquiries you have!

As always, love from Georgie xxx